Dress Code

Required attire for all classes.
The Dancin’ School maintains a strict dress code in order to allow teachers to be more focused on student’s technique and performance.


Any student not adhering to the dress code will not be permitted to attend class. Modesty is highly valued so all students must wear a cover-up when entering and leaving the school. No panties may be worn under tights and leotards. Leotards are mandatory for each class, even under t-shirts. Only black sports bras are acceptable.

Hair and Jewelry

Hair should be securely pinned in a bun with a black bun cover. There is no jewelry worn in class.

Ballet Females

Proper ballet dress consists of:

  • Black leotard (no skirt)
  • Theatrical pink tights
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Black bun cover

Ballet Males

  • White t-shirt
  • Black tights/pants
  • White or black ballet shoes
  • White socks

Jazz, Theatre, and Tap  Students

  • Any combination of red, black, white or gray leotard or dancewear
  • Black or suntan tights
  • Black slip-on jazz shoes
  • Hip Hop students: black jazz sneakers
  • Black bun cover
  • Contemporary classes, level 4 and advanced jazz class: tan jazz shoes
  • Level 4 and advanced tap: flat black split sole slip on jazz shoes and tan 1.5 inch high heel tap shoes

Tap Students

  • Follow either the ballet or jazz dress code
  • Black flat tap shoes
  • Important Note: Tap shoes worn outside will not be allowed on our studio floors.