Emphasizing performance and professionalism, not competition.
Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School has three major dance companies that perform regularly throughout the year. Students are placed into dance companies based on skill level and through auditions held in April of each year.

The Asian American Dance Company

The Asian American Dance Company (A.A.D.C.) is our non-profit company committed to enlightening the community to the American Asian experience. Through dance and music, we strive to build bridges between the different ethnic and cultural communities.


The unique blend of Asian and American culture is evident in the way we use martial arts, folk dances, and the music of both East and West to complement the contemporary style for which we have become known.


The Fortune Cookies

The Fortune Cookies is a project of the AADC and provides training for our youngest dancers who wish to explore their cultural identity through dance. The AADC has become one of Houston’s major dance production companies, committed to using the performing arts as a vehicle to promote goodwill within the community.

The Jazz Company

The Jazz Company and its apprentice companies, The Jazz Co. 2.5, The Jazz Co. II, The Jr. Jazz Co., and The Jazz Bits, offer young aspiring dancers the unique experience of working and training as professional performers. In addition, they are exposed to the different avenues available in the entertainment field. Members also receive the opportunity to use their talent and energy to bring awareness of the disabled and  disadvantaged children in the Greater Houston Area through benefit performances and outreach classes.

Ballet Grace

Ballet Grace describes the beauty of our art, the strength of our faith and the state in which we aspire to be. As a company, we want to express our appreciation for the gifts and talents bestowed upon us. Dances of praise, inspiration and joy are featured in our repertoire. Works by guest choreographers are included to give artists who share our beliefs opportunities to express their faith and spirituality through dance.