Our classes offer variety, discipline, and artistry.


Classical technique taught by principal dancers from major ballet companies emphasizing the rich traditions of the great classics. Lyrical ballet is the expression of drama and emotion through choreography. Contemporary ballet empathizes the body line, technique and the graphic design of movement.


Theatrical Jazz is musical comedy styles and choreography based on the best of Broadway with an emphasis on performance. Street Jazz, inspired by the hip hop craze, taught with age appropriate style, movement, music and attire. Modern jazz blends classical ballet with Afro-Cuban and urban funk influences.


All Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School tap classes focus on the accuracy, speed, quality and clarity of the sound as well as the execution of the steps. Classes are accompanied by professional percussionists.

Young Primary Class and Ballet/Tap Combination Class (Ages 2-5)

A fun introduction to dance, designed specifically for children ages 2-5, teaching the structure and discipline of ballet, jazz, and tap in a way that encourages creativity, builds self-esteem and inspires positive attitude.

Master Classes

Master Classes presented in a variety of subjects by internationally renowned guest choreographers and instructors.