Our Mission

We teach little feet to follow big dreams.

Our Mission

At Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School, we encourage the development of confidence, self-discipline, and community spirit while providing the highest quality of classical and theatrical dance training in a wholesome and loving environment.


It is our hope that each child finds a dignity and sense of purpose through our classes, whether they are dancing for fun and exercise or have visions of Broadway and Swan Lake. We believe it is our job to guide our students to their goals while being an example of integrity, compassion, and humility.


Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School was founded in 1976 on the belief that we should be grateful for our gifts and talents, and it is the mission of this school to inspire our students to share those gifts as they dance towards their dreams.

Our Students

Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School has a reputation for producing students who excel in areas other than classical dance, such as musical theater, sports, and school-sponsored organizations. Because of the emphasis on discipline, commitment, and professionalism, students develop a sense of responsibility, confidence and positive self-image. Our students often become leaders in academics, athletics, and the fine arts.

Our Outreach

Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School encourages community involvement and is active in community outreach and service. Staff, students, and parents work together in an effort to share their talents and love of dance with others. The school sponsors fundraising events throughout the year to provide financial assistance to those in need, thereby teaching goal setting, teamwork, and generosity of spirit. Our ministries include classes and performances for the Star of Hope Mission for the Homeless and Child Advocates of Fort Bend, and special education students in local school district.

God Bless Texas Festival

Every March the Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School presents the God Bless Texas show to celebrate Texas’ Independence Day and to raise funds for the school’s outreach programs. Each class performs a Texas-inspired dance while friends and parents mingle around game booths, delicious food, and a fund-raising live auction. Each year the school is able to make a considerable donation to the Star of Hope Mission for the Homeless and other non-profit organizations.

We thank our many sponsors, such as those listed below, for their contributions. If you are interested in supporting next year’s event, please contact Tran Pham Rich or Cookie Joe.