We teach little feet to follow big dreams

At Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School, we encourage the development of confidence, self-discipline, and community spirit while providing the highest quality of classical and theatrical dance training in a wholesome and loving environment. We are committed to inspiring our children to honor their fathers and mothers.


Classical Technique with Traditional Etiquette


Theatrical, Street, and Modern Jazz


Focused on Accuracy, Speed, and Clarity of Sound

Theater Dance

Choreography from Popular Broadway Productions

Hip Hop

Current Street Dance Trends, Age-Appropriate Presentation


Lyrical, Interpretive Dance with Classical Technique

Our Instructors

Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School has gathered gifted instructors with diverse backgrounds in performance and instruction to provide students with extensive professional dance training. We are committed to instilling the virtues of consistent and disciplined study.


Years in Business


Live Performances Annually


Classes Per Week


Generations of Students

Outreach Ministries

Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School encourages community involvement and is active in community outreach and service. Staff, students, and parents work together in an effort to share their talents and love of dance with others. The school sponsors fundraising events throughout the year to provide financial assistance to those in need, thereby teaching goal setting, teamwork, and generosity of spirit.

Gotta Have Faith

Ours is a faith-based school. We believe in teaching, performing and learning from a position of gratitude and grace....

Dance: Art vs. Sport

We are often asked: "Why don't we participate in competitions?” Although we firmly believe in the concept that dancers are elite athletes...

CJDS at Fine Arts Camp

Tran Pham Rich, Cookie Joe, and Leslie Hwang shared their Asian heritage with the Fine Arts Camp of Sugar Land Baptist Church....

Summer of Service

This summer the dancers of CJDS donated their time and talent to children in emotion and spiritual need. Three hundred kids from Champion’s Kids Camp were entertained and inspired by our spirit and enthusiasm. These are children who have undergone traumatic experiences and have come...

Foot Health Before Fashion

Many parents come to us with preschool children who” toe walk’ or walk on the balls of the feet without striking the floor with the heel first as they should. Ballet is the best therapy to break this habit and restore the child to a normal...