Dance: Art vs. Sport

Dance: Art vs. Sport

We are often asked: “Why don’t we participate in competitions?”


Although we firmly believe in the concept that dancers are elite athletes, we do not believe that dance performances should be treated as a competitive sport.


Although everyone pays the same amount for tuition, and entry fees not to mention the long hours of commitment, someone is going to go home a winner and sadly, someone will go home feeling like a loser.


The competition industry is based on concept, choreography and staging. Also the choice of music and costume selection influence the judges’ decision


It doesn’t seem fair to the child who has no control over these choices.


The opinion of the judges is subjective based on their personal taste. To truly compete on a level playing field or dance floor, each dancer would have to perform the exact same choreography. Then the dancers would be judged on technique, execution and presentation.


Another element of the competition team process is the rehearsal of specific choreography as opposed to classes in technique; Preparing a winning routine versus training to be able to execute any choreography.


We at CJDS are committed to building the foundation of classically trained dancers who are confident and versatile.


All of our dancers leave performances feeling like winners and our audiences leave feeling inspired and entertained.