Foot Health Before Fashion

Foot Health Before Fashion


Many parents come to us with preschool children who” toe walk’ or walk on the balls of the feet without striking the floor with the heel first as they should. This causes a shortening of the calf muscle and a tightening of the Achilles tendon.


Ballet is the best therapy to break this habit and restore the child to a normal gait. Unfortunately, we have noticed an increase in the number of very young students wearing high heeled shoes. It is alarming that the children’s retail shoe industry is putting a dangerous and damaging product on the market and that parents are purchasing them. Please be aware that the damage that is done to the child’s posture, spinal and leg development, and their natural gait will not be apparent until later in life. Let’s make good choices for our children.

  • Eleanor Jones

    Great read, I love your blog.

    October 24, 2014 at 2:56 pm